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Company &
Team Workshop


We offer 3 transformative workshops for small businesses,
groups and teams within organizations.

Each workshop is offered on either a ½ or full day basis.

For full day workshops, we have the ability to customize the
experience and combine two of the offerings.

Prior to the workshop, we work closely with you to ensure
that we’re meeting your needs and understand your
expectations. Each workshop is designed to create impact
and lasting results.

Our intention is to provide you with tangible tools and daily
practices that will have an immediate and positive impact
on your team’s personal and professional life.


Workshop 1: Transformational Leadership


Help your team master the 5 essential skills that will propel them towards becoming transformational and extraordinary leaders. As the power structure within organizations continues to flatten, it is imperative to encourage individuals to fully step into their innate leadership abilities. We embrace this movement towards individual leadership by providing your team with a powerful playbook to learn and integrate these 5 essential skills:

Part 1: Internal Skills- Build a strong foundation:

  1. Trust that everything is an opportunity for learning and growth
  2. Commit to be personally responsible for how you show up in the world

Part 2: External Skills- Unlock leadership capabilities in others:

  1. Listen without an agenda
  2. Observe from a place of neutrality
  3. Ask powerful questions – always stay curious

By learning these 5 skills and helping others unlock their innate leadership capabilities, you’ll boost the individual and collective confidence of the group and create a work environment that is primed for massive growth and success. Personal and Professional Growth Opportunities – You’ll learn to:

  • Adopt roadmap for extraordinary leadership
  • Develop expert communication skills
  • Exercise Internal/external approach to leadership
  • Transform yourself and others
  • Master effective listening and powerful questioning skills

Workshop 2: Masterful Communication


Listening is the single most important skill to cultivate for enhancing communication and strengthening relationships. Asking Powerful Questions is what enables you to capitalize on being an incredible listener. By giving your team the tools to master the art of listening and asking powerful questions, you position them to create deeper, more meaningful relationships with their clients and colleagues. The first part of the workshop is devoted to teaching expert listening skills:

  • Centering yourself
  • Internal/External listening
  • Removing personal agenda
  • Focusing on the client
  • Prizing the client
  • Perception checking

Once you learn these expert listening skills, you’re ready to ask powerful questions:

  • Concise questioning
  • Power of curiosity
  • Seeing the innate leadership qualities in the client
  • The “hows and whats”
  • Solution questioning
  • Asking for the business

Effective listening and powerful questioning are essential skills that, if done well, can elevate your business to new heights and help you and your team develop meaningful, trusting business relationships that can last a lifetime.

Personal and Professional Growth Opportunities – You’ll learn to:

  • Create laser focus communication during conversations
  • Become a Transformational leader
  • Develop more compassion and empathy
  • Foster deeper relationships
  • Guide clients towards effective solutions

Workshop 3: Build a World Class Team


All too often, organizations fail to prioritize team relationship-building and quickly become fragmented as a result. This fragmentation saps creative energy, breeds cynicism throughout your organization and leads to unhealthy conflict. We help companies avoid this type of destructive behavior by guiding them through a carefully crafted program that teaches how to engage in healthy conflict through the following process:

  1. Sharing- Share personal stories, get to know one another
  2. Connection- Create authentic connection through personal sharing
  3. Trust- Build trust through shared vulnerability
  4. Conflict- Enable healthy conflict through established trust and connection

Through this process, your team will develop deeper levels of trust and connection with one another and you’ll be able to create a world-class team that is happy, healthy and primed for huge success! Personal and Professional Growth Opportunities – You’ll learn to:

  • Lead with vulnerability
  • Be a highly skilled observer
  • Listen with compassion and empathy
  • Develop master level communication skills
  • Utilize conflict as a powerful alignment tool

Happy Clients

Adam led a fun and impactful session on communication for our team. His emphasis on listening and
asking powerful questions resonated strongly with participants with easily accessible actions and
takeaways.  Adam is a passionate, approachable and engaging facilitator who threads his personal and
coaching experience into his teachings for a powerful impact.


Jen Freitas, Director, People Learning & Engagement
Clif Bar & Company

Working on Masterful Communication
with some of L.A’s finest business leaders



Our 2 day immersions are designed to go deep into the
infrastructure of your business or team.

Similar to our workshops, we collaborate with you to
customize the experience, and ensure that we’re on the
same page heading into the immersion.

Often times, new issues and ideas will emerge that weren’t

This can be a very good thing!

By taking time away from the rigors of everyday worklife,
we give ourselves an opportunity to let our guard down
and open ourselves to new opportunities.


Immersion Option 1: Growth Strategy


It’s tempting for you to become comfortable with the current state of your business. Yet amidst the success, there’s always an opportunity for you to explore growth opportunities. However, two major obstacles tend to get in your way:

  1. Not being able to dedicate the necessary time
  2. Don’t have a fresh, objective perspective available to you

In this 2 day immersion we’ll take a close look at your business and construct creative and innovate ways to grow it.


  1. What’s happening in your business today
  2. Foundation – A close look the last 2-5 years
  3. Support – Strategic partners/vendors
  4. Product – Gross Revenues, Profit Margins
  5. Projects – Current and Pipeline activity
  6. Team – Internal members and infrastructure


  1. Goals – Personal and Professional
  2. Values – Connect to passion and meaning
  3. Environment – support through surroundings
  4. Self-care – strengthening through practice
  5. Intentions – Clear direction and mindfulness
  6. Mission – Why and how you do this work

We will create a clear understanding of how your business operates and construct a strategic growth plan that aligns with your company’s mission. As part of the growth plan, we’ll provide a platform for personal and business transformation that gives insight into your leadership style how it relates to your personal and professional life. Ultimately, the immersion gives you an opportunity to tap into “why” you do what you do; it allows you to deeply connect to the elements of your business that provide you with joy, fulfillment, and stability.

Personal and Professional Growth Opportunities – You’ll learn to:

  • Objectively look at your business
  • Visualize your business from multiple perspectives
  • Create a clear sense of your business’ current ecosystem
  • Develop a customized self-care strategy
  • Become more intentional in your decision making process
  • Process your emotions with more clarity
  • Identify and connect to your values
  • Transform yourself and others into powerful leaders

Immersion Option 2: Communication Breakdown? Get Aligned Today!


A team can be loaded with the most experienced and sought after individuals in the business; but if your team is not aligned and connected, frustration and underperformance becomes inevitable. As a result, negative talk becomes infectious, creative energy dwindles, and the spirit of the team becomes deflated,
which leads to a swift reduction in productivity.

Some indicators that your team is out of alignment

  • Lack of trust amongst team members
  • Passive behavior
  • Low commitment, engagement and connection between team members
  • Lack of accountability
  • Unclear agreements amongst team members
  • Formation of cliques
  • Stifling of new members leading to high turnover
  • Slow incorporation of new initiatives

When working with teams, we focus on getting all members to align to a common set of values, goals and behavioral norms, with the understanding that increased productivity and results will follow. This highly interactive program implements a carefully crafted, transformative process that includes:

  • Sharing personal stories
  • Learning to lead with vulnerability
  • Building trust through deeper connection with team members
  • Engaging in healthy conflict
  • Growing from the messages being reflected back
  • Building consensus and aligning team members
  • Moving forward with a deeper set of working relationships
  • Creating a team vision for success
  • Deciding on clear action items for implementation

Your team will learn to connect with one another in a deeper, more authentic manner and leave with a stronger belief in oneself and each other. Our intention is to help you take your team’s productivity to the next level, create an environment where turnover is practically non-existent and members are invested in each other through connection and trust. We will support you in developing a world-class team that has a shared vision for team success, and places great importance on the value of healthy communication.

Personal and Professional Growth Opportunities – You’ll learn to:

  • Lead with vulnerability
  • Be a highly skilled observer
  • Listen with compassion and empathy
  • Develop master level communication skills
  • Utilize conflict as a powerful alignment tool
  • Trust teammates at a deeper level
  • Collaborate with your team more effectively
  • Develop a collective blueprint for success

Happy Clients

Adam led a sales leadership seminar with key members of my team. He focused on getting the team to
know each other better, open up and build trust amongst each other.  This was a powerful session that
lead to a great deal of sharing that resulted in some great team building.


Matt Katzenson, CEO
FineLines Company

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